Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maye Day

The Marvelous MARILYN MAYE
April 10, 1928

Today is a special day, for someone very special to us. Our dear friend Drew threw a lovely, intimate birthday party for the marvelous Marilyn Maye, and we were very honored to attend, and even more honored to sit by her side. We love this lady so much, we don't even mind being photographed from our bad side! It was a charming evening, filled with laughter and good cheer, and we were thrilled to spend time with one of our true heroines. Thank you, Drew! Thank you, Marilyn! Long may you wave!


  1. How completely fabulous for everyone involved!

  2. I don't see any bad sides! How fabulous, indeed. Kisses and Mwahs!

  3. Marvelous party for a very intense talented and quite charmful lady...my most respectful and efusive compliments !
    I first heard of Mrs.Maye trough this awesome blog, that i simply adore, by the way... thanx for sharing!

  4. It was an elegant well deserved celebration. I was thrilled to be there. How kind of Drew!!! How wonderful to meet you!

    Marilyn asked me to tell you my history with you. I was flabbergasted at the time but would like to share that now.

    Marilyn's commercial for Lincoln Mercury was on the radio, as well as her Cabaret recording. My parents knew to turn up the radio when Marilyn Maye was on!! Years later at AADA, I became friends with an extremely talented friend, Kristi, who turned out to be Marilyn's daughter. When Marilyn found out I was a 'motherless child', she kept in touch with me via snail mail and sent me all her albums..which I still have and cherish. She and Kristi invited me to a taping of the Mike Douglas Show and my Dad wouldn't allow me to go. BUT in 2006 I was able to take a small inheritance from him and take all my friends to see her at the Metropolitan Room!! Karma!!!

    I hope everyone will get the Marilyn Maye Experience in a few weeks at Feinsteins!!
    Thank you for this wonderful website and the opportunity to share my 'history' with the incomparable Marilyn Maye!

  5. Correction 2nd paragraph. Marilyn asked me to share my history ( mine with Marilyn with YOU) Duh!!!

  6. TJB does not have a bad side.

    Off topic: I think it's time you posted an update of your bow tie collection.

  7. "Meet Marvelous Marilyn Maye"!

  8. MJ is correct on both counts.

  9. My right side is just like Claudette Colbert's - the dark side of the moon! Never seen...until now.

    And Jeanie, thank you for sharing your story! It was an utter delight to spend time with you at Marilyn's party.

  10. Looks like a happy, glam, fun-filled night!


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