Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When This Old World Starts Getting You Down

April 16, 1939 - March 2, 1999


  1. I only know Dusty Springfield from her late-career partnership with the Pet Shop Boys but what's her story? Have you ever profiled her?

    1. Hi Scooter -- No, I haven't done an in-depth profile of Dusty. She was a pretty remarkable lady: very ahead of her time, a mass of insecurities, knee-deep in addiction, a conflicted lesbian, and a high drama queen with huge hair and tons of mascara. And I absolutely adore her voice. I would have done something more substantial for her birthday, but A) it would have taken far too long, and B) I purposely wanted to have something simple and subtly healing on here the day after the Boston incident. One of these days, though, she'll get the full-on treatment!


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