Sunday, February 16, 2014

Silver Stud Sunday

In living color.


  1. Oh, I know it's quite possible she was inventing from whole-cloth (as it were), but thanks to Esther Williams I can never look at Jeff Chandler any more without seeing him in a polka-dot halter-top playsuit and a big matching picture hat. Cary Grant, on the other hand....oh, Mama!

  2. Great selection...but I hope this is a series because Clark Gable was never more sexy imo than in his 1950's movies. Just sit back and enjoy the master at work

    and there are many, many more candidates !

    So much aged beef! So little time!

  3. I love a prematurely gray-haired man and cannot understand why so many men on TV (in news of all things, too!) either feel the need or are pressured to color their hair a monochromatic, flat, phony-looking brown that actually ages them, in some cases, even more! Dana looks great here with his silver mane. Mid-1960s Peter Graves is one of my own personal faves. great to see you back posting again, btw!!

  4. There's a glitch with my computer which is preventing me from responding to individual replies, but let me just say: thank you to everyone who continues to follow the blog, in spite of its herky-jerky posting schedule, and for the very kind and warm welcome back! xo