Friday, August 27, 2010

Memo to Emma Thompson

FROM: Audrey Hepburn
RE: Your comments in The Daily Mail


  1. Hate to say it, but I do agree with Thompson in regards to "My Fair Lady"... For me it was a 90% thing with Audrey Hepburn. We all know she wasn't picked because she the was the best woman for the part.
    They shouldn't have picked an actress who couldn't sing. Personally I would have picked Julie Andrews for the role - but then how would "The Sound of Music" have fared in box offices? Maybe Audrey would have gotten the part!

    At the same time, if Emma Thompson's new version of "My Fair Lady" is anything like "Nanny McPhee Returns", I don't think I shall want to see it.

  2. Emma Thompson is an idiot, and would never have been able to do a "Funny Face" or "Children's Hour".

  3. I like Emma Thompson, usually, but I have to wonder what prompted her episode of hoof-in-mouth disease here. Yeah, I know she's writing a new version of MFL and I'm not even a fan of the original, mostly due to Rex Harrison. But you don't diss Audrey!

  4. I was a great fan of Emma Thompson until around five minutes ago.
    It's obvious that she's never seen Roman Holiday or
    The Nun's Story.
    True, the 1964 My Fair Lady was a bit of a clunker; and
    equally true, that the 1938 film Pygmalion was superior but for fuck's sake Emma, LAY OFF AUDREY.

  5. I used to be a fan of Emma Thompson; she seemed intelligent, centered and refreshingly down to earth. After her mean-spirited comment, I see her for what she is: a bitter, opportunistic has-been without a shred of decency.

  6. sadly, i adore emma so much, that even if she told me that i my face....i'd still love her. that she wasn't using her bean that day, absofuckinglutely. i guess she got all caught up in her star on hollywood blvd. moment and i mean, who here can honestly say they didn't vomit at the mouth (a little) when they got their star?

  7. Oh Emma, what is the color of the sky in your insane little world?
    I love Hepburn. Not obsessively, but enough to defend her against such a crazy lapse in reason. Can you imagine ANYONE other than Hepburn as Holly Golightly? True, Capote wasn't thrilled with her in the role, but again: She IS Holly. And in My Fair Lady (which I grew up watching over and over thanks to my Mom), she's not only delightful, but near the end of the film when she realizes she's nothing more than a fanciful experiment/bet, the look of pain on her face is heartbreaking.
    I could go on, but Emma Thompson just lost a lot of class in my book. And Audrey Hepburn will never loose hers.

  8. I would love to have that coat!

  9. Considering that Emma Thompson's career has nosedived in the last decade or so, I pity anyone putting a farthing into this new version of "My Fair Lady." To describe Audrey Hepburn as "twee" indicates a total lack of insight or critical ability. She was anything but that. Julie Andrews, yes. But the coolly elegant Hepburn? Ridiculous. If anyone is twee it's Emma Thompson in the sickly sweet "Sense and Sensibility."

  10. I think what gets me is the fact that trashing Audrey was completely unnecessary, even in the context of talking about the changes Thompson wants to make to My Fair Lady. (Which, incidentally, make me cringe - she's reputedly doing a "revisionist", feminist spin on the story designed to expose the misogynistic flaws in Shaw's original work...groan.) It's also completely unprofessional, I think, to criticize another actor's abilities - and abhorrent to do so when the subject can't speak up to defend themselves.


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