Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Peg O' My Heart

Agnes Gooch: "Speedo won't let anyone out who can't do at least 180 words a minute. I'm over 200!"
Vera Charles: "No, you're not!"
Agnes Gooch: "Well, I think I'll just fix myself a Dr. Pepper!"
Agnes Gooch: "Spirits do the most horrible things to me! I'm not the same person!"
Auntie Mame: "What's wrong with that?"
May 21, 1924 - March 8, 1999

Game show doyenne...
Guest star extraordinaire...
Gooch par excellence.


  1. I always loved Peggy Cass. I'm going to have to check her out on Wikipedia now!

  2. I grew up watching Peggy on the game shows and she always made them far more
    entertaining than anyone had a right to expect. Wonderful performer, thank you for the post