Friday, June 7, 2013

Glad To Be Gray!

Well, who wouldn't be?

June 7, 1924 - June 26, 2002

More Gray pride here.

Many thanks to one of our readers for the kind submission of these fabulous photos!


  1. Imagine her trying to get into the saddle in that gown.

    1. Maybe it's slit in the back.

      There really was no way to phrase that without sounding dirty. I tried many alternates, to no avail.

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  3. I have not spent a lot of time around horses or on farms, but that outfit strikes me as not very practical for that type of environment.

    1. But it's so typical of Gray people to dress in a visibly Gray manner. Personally, I think being Gray is a divine gift, not a choice -- I mean, if it were, wouldn't we all be Gray?

  4. Nice play on words you have here.

    Speaking of this outfit not practical for farming, I am sure Dolores modeling such a beautiful dress in this environment must be very confusing for some. These were publicity shots for her Broadway play "Destry Rides Again" with Andy Griffith, though Dolores movie career was moderate, she sure did quite well on Broadway. Too bad nobody in audience took iPhone footage.

    This was 1961 and this dress would have also been fashionable 10 years before but definitely not 10 years after.

    There are some great clips of Dolores Gray on Youtube of her singing and dancing in gorgeous gowns. Someone commented on "Midnight with Madeline" "Where has gone glamour today?" Another answered, "Go to a drag show, it's still alive and well."


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