Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let The Music Play

In response to several inquiries, we thought we would share a few examples of what our bespoke SSUWAT playlists look like (as opposed to setting our life to shuffle). We aren't providing audio (in the interest of not being fined or jailed), but many of you will either be familiar with at least a smattering of the selections; or be sufficiently intrigued to hunt some of them down on your own.

Girls in the garage! Girls gone zonk! Girls be trippin'!
1) "In a Long White Room" by Nancy Wilson (Capitol, 1969)
2) "Cinderella Could Have Saved Us All" by Connie Stevens (MGM, 1968)
3) "Saturday Night Didn't Happen" by Reparata and the Delrons (Mala, 1968)
4) "The Bubble Broke" by Lesley Gore (Mercury, 1967)
5) "Wasn't it You" by Petula Clark (Warner Bros., 1966)
6) "Copacabana Velha De Guerra" by Elis Regina (Philips, 1970)
7) "Les Papillons Noirs" by Michèle Arnaud with Serge Gainsbourg (EMI-Pathe, 1966)
8) "Sunshine" by Shirley Bassey (Columbia, 1966)
9) "It's Break Up Time" by Sue Thompson (Hickory, 1965)
10) "I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy" by The What Four (Columbia, 1966)
11) "It's a Different World" by Connie Francis (MGM, 1966)
12) "Tu N'as Pas Le Droit" by France Gall (Philips, 1966)
13) "Mediterranean Sky" by Jackie De Shannon (Imperial, 1970)
14) "Run Wild, Run Free" by Claudine Longet (A/M, 1970)
15) "Smoke" by Bobbie Gentry (Capitol, 1970)
16) "Tell Me You Love Me, Junie Moon" by Liza Minnelli (A/M, 1970)
17) "Love's Lines, Angles and Rhymes" by The 5th Dimension (Bell, 1971)
18) "The Interim" by Diana Ross (Motown, 1970)
19) "A Famous Myth" by The Carnival (World Pacific, 1969)
20) "Meanwhile Back in Real Life" by Robin Wilson (A/M, 1969)
21) "Reflections" by Roslyn Kind (RCA, 1970)
22) "Tunesmith" by Vikki Carr (Liberty, 1967)
23) "The Man in the Raincoat" by Anita Bryant (Columbia, 1967)
24) "Whistling Away the Dark" by Julie Andrews (RCA, 1970)
25) "Derradeira Primavera" by Nara Leão (Philips, 1964)
"You had to pick a colored record, didn't you? That's nice for the neighbors!"
1) "Deep Dark Secret" by Dee Dee Sharp (Cameo-Parkway, 1964)
2) "Ain't Gonna Cry No More" by LaVern Baker (Atlantic, 1963)
3) "Casanova" by Erlene and Her Girlfriends (Old Town, 1962)
4) "Putty in Your Hands" by The Shirelles (Scepter, 1962)
5) "Push a Little Harder" by The Avons (Groove, 1963)
6) "Do Wah Diddy" by The Exciters (United Artists, 1963)
7) "I Don't Want No Mama's Boy" by Erma Franklin (Epic, 1963)
8) "I Just Want to Make Love to You" by Etta James (Argo, 1960)
9) "Git Out" by Mitty Collier (Chess, 1967)
10) "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show, Pt. 1" by Honey Cone (Hot Wax, 1971)
11) "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'" by The Velvelettes (V.I.P., 1964)
12) "Got Myself a Good Man" by Gladys Knight and The Pips (Soul, 1969)
13) "Wang Dang Doodle" by The Pointer Sisters (Blue Thumb, 1973)
14) "Fujiyama Mama" by Wanda Jackson (Capitol, 1960)
15) "Watch Out, Sally!" by Diane Renay (MGM, 1964)
16) "I Want You to Be My Baby" by Ellie Greenwich (United Artists, 1968)
17) "Off and Running" by Lesley Gore (Mercury, 1966)
18) "Love Loves to Love Love" by Lulu (EMI, 1967)
19) "Haunted" by Dusty Springfield (Atlantic, 1971)
20) "Chained" by The Sweet Inspirations (Atlantic, 1969)
21) "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" by Evie Sands (Haven, 1976)
22) "Expressway to Your Heart" by Margo Thunder (Capitol, 1974)
23) "Mama Never Told Me" by Sister Sledge (Atlantic, 1973)
24) "After Loving You" by Jean Wells (Calla, 1967)
25) "Goodness, Gracious" by Kim Weston (Stax, 1974)
A lush day's journey into night...
1) "I Cover the Waterfront" by Cleo Laine (Philips, 1965)
2) "If I Should Lose You" by Doris Drew (Muse, 1957)
3) "There is No Greater Love" by Betty Carter (United Artists, 1965)
4) "Wild is the Wind" by Gloria Lynne (Everest, 1961)
5) "Where Flamingos Fly" by Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake (RCA Victor, 1962)
6) "Don't Smoke in Bed" by Peggy Lee (Capitol, 1969)
7) "Sol Da Meia Noite (Midnight Sun)" by Sylvia Telles (Elenco, 1963)
8) "Mountain High, Valley Low" by Jo Stafford (Columbia, 1955)
9) "Close Your Eyes" by Dolores Gray (Capitol, 1957)
10) "You're My Thrill" by Julie London (Liberty, 1957)
11) "Don't Want to Walk without You" by Annita Ray (Ava, 1962)
12) "Where Did You Go" by Chris Connor and Maynard Ferguson (Roulette, 1961)
13) "You Don't Know What Love Is" by Mavis Rivers (Capitol, 1960)
14) "Angel Eyes" by Nancy Wilson (Capitol, 1968)
15) "'Round Midnight" by Toni Harper (RCA Victor, 1962)
16) "The Thrill is Gone" by Ella Fitzgerald (Verve, 1964)
17) "Yesterdays" by Sylvia Syms (Columbia, 1959)
18) "I Thought of You Last Night" by Jeri Southern (Capitol, 1959)
19) "Remind Me" by June Christy (Capitol, 1960)
20) "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" by Helen Merrill (EmArcy, 1957)
21) "Where or When" by Kitty White (Roulette, 1958)
22) "The Good Life" by Sarah Vaughan (Roulette, 1963)
23) "Dreamsville" by Lola Albright (Columbia, 1959)
24) "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning" by Morgana King (EmArcy, 1956)
25) "I'll Be Around" by Billie Holiday (Columbia, 1958)
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars..."
1) "How Do I Love Thee?" by Jayne Mansfield (MGM, 1964)
2) "I Start Counting" by Dusty Springfield (Philips, 1972)
3) "So Many Stars" by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 (A/M, 1968)
4) "No Moon at All" by Nana Mouskouri (Fontana, 1962)
5) "Night and Day" by Doris Day (Columbia, 1958)
6) "My Funny Valentine" by Petula Clark (Warner Bros., 1969)
7) "I'm in the Mood for Love" by Shirley Horn (Mercury, 1963)
8) "But Beautiful" by Peggy Lee (Capitol, 1961)
9) "The Nearness of You" by Jo Stafford (Columbia, 1956)
10) "You Go to My Head" by Dolores Gray (Capitol, 1957)
11) "Under a Blanket of Blue" by Patti Page (Mercury, 1956)
12) "Like Someone in Love" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol, 1955)
13) "A Quiet Thing" by Ann Hampton Callaway (DRG, 1994)
14) "It Happens Quietly" by Cleo Laine (CBS, 1984)
15) "Quietly There" by Sue Raney (Discovery, 1987)
16) "Misty" by Chris Connor (Atlantic, 1959)
17) "At Long Last Love" by Julie London (Liberty, 1965)
18) "Day by Day" by Betty Roché (Prestige, 1960)
19) "In a Sentimental Mood" by Phyllis Hyman (RCA, 1981)
20) "My One and Only Love" by Carmen McRae (Decca, 1955)
21) "The Very Thought of You" by Nancy Wilson (Capitol, 1963)
22) "I Thought About You" by Ella Fitzgerald (Verve, 1957)
23) "Deep Purple" by The King Sisters (Capitol, 1957)
24) "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" by Anita O'Day (Verve, 1955)
25) "London at Dawn" by Elizabeth Taylor and John Barry (Colpix, 1963)


  1. Somehow this tells a fabulous narrative!

    I'm not sure exactly what, however.
    Meanwhile, I'm eagerly off to try to find Liz's "London at Dawn"....
    and I'm a bit afraid.

  2. p.s.
    I should have had no's actually quite beautiful.

    1. Ha ha! The Liz album is remarkably camp-free, which could conversely make it a deadly bore - but the music is quite good, and she somehow reels in that fishwife voice of hers and delivers rather hypnotic recitations.

      Similarly, Jayne's poetry album is undeniably a novelty, but that cartoon cover is the campiest thing about it. The music is treated respectfully, and Jayne, bless her heart, delivers her lines straight.

  3. Zowie! some playlists ..... Sophia also did a "Sophia in Rome" album, must try and track it down. I love her songs with Peter Sellers on that novely album they did in 1960.

    Dirk Bogarde also did a marvellous album, songs for lovers, where he does a Rex Harrison as he delivers those smoochy lyrics against a syrupy background. Kitsch personfied! I have that Dolores Gray one and several others. Delicious !

    1. I have the Dirk Bogarde album on CD, and it is really enjoyable! It is actually quite relaxing.

      I wish that "Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky & Me" would make it onto CD. Well, in another year it will be out of copyright in the UK, so maybe one of the reissue labels there will re-release it.

  4. What a collection of singers you posted here. So many critically acclaimed but mostly forgotten, but you reminded us here. I think to find most of these albums, you have to go to a used record store like back in the 20th century. Some may not be on CD, ebay has too many buy-it-now duplicates swamping out unique listings. Then you have the Anita Bryant album posted... yeow, that can lead to flamebait.

    1. Guilty confession: I love Anita's albums for Columbia from the 1960's! Big hair and chiffon for days, honey. She had some good gays working behind the scenes for her at the time. Whether or not she realized it is another story...

  5. Awwwooow! Another, even more marvelous, compilation list. I hope I finally stop Shannon's singing in my head "(Let it play) Let the music play", however. Anita Bryant? Well, you haven't led me astray yet.

    1. John, as I mentioned in my reply to Michael above, I love Anita's albums, but chiefly for the covers - the arrangements are pretty gloppy, and she has a strange, corny phrasing that isn't helped by her flat Okie twang. But she made a clutch of mid sixties non-lp singles that straddled the line between Adult Contemporary and girl group pop. They're pretty fab in a kitschy way, but I have a weakness for that particular subgenre: I adore Eydie Gorme, Patti Page, Kay Starr, et al., and their similar (hard to track down) mid sixties pop singles...

  6. I love your play list. There were so many choices back then! Now we are allowed only so many so whatever is produced will sell
    About a third of these dames I had not even heard of, but will now happily explore thanks to you

    About including Anita .Those who say they are for freedom...should be for freedom . What is the use
    of trading old taboos in for new? We don't have to be like Anita to fight Anita fact in that way, Anita wins imo .