Saturday, September 14, 2013

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

Starting tomorrow, Sunday the 15th, we will be turning into SSUWAT into an unmitigated dish-and-bitch fest, darlings! Our "dueling diva" quotation posts have always been audience favorites, so we've compiled some new goodies for you to savor, all for the next two weeks. Grab your poison pen and your favorite Hedda Hopper hat, and we'll see you there!

"Louella Parsons is a reporter trying to be a ham. Hedda Hopper is a ham trying to be a reporter." -- Hedda Hopper in her 1963 book, The Whole Truth And Nothing But


  1. Fabuolous A-Fussin' & A-Feudin'!!!! From two
    gals who really knew how to feud.

  2. I just love Miss Louella, darling, she's such a delightful old udder.

    1. And she always has such nice things to say about you, darling.


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