Friday, October 17, 2014

Surf's Up

Troy Donahue, Lee Patterson, Van Williams, and Diane McBain
Lee Patterson, Diane McBain, Van Williams, Margarita Sierra, and Troy Donahue
Troy Donahue, Lee Patterson, and Van Williams

For our money, Surfside 6 (1960-62) must have been far sexier than Baywatch ever was, if only for the mere presence of Van Williams' legs, and the absence of any silicone.


  1. Here, here! The sad thing is that I don't think VW appeared this way all that often on the show itself, more often seen in sport coats and such... I do want to slug Margarita for pawing all over him in that middle shot, too, but it's sheer jealousy on my part...!

  2. Van the Man certainly seems to have his "life-saver" primed and ready to go! But, heavens, Troy Donahue makes Barbie's Ken look hung,,, Jx


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