Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Try The Worryin' Way

Girls, you may lose your man...

But you'll also lose weight and look fabulous, darlings. 
And the best part? 

You don't need no Metrecal. Thank God.


  1. Wow , that brings back memories... not good ones lol

  2. The soups look good! However, I have read that the Metrecal shakes did not taste very good, at least in the early years. I would think they improved them over the years. They certainly did add a lot of flavors to the line. It is not surprising that they diversified into other foods, such as soup. It would be extremely difficult to stick very long to a diet that consisted of nothing but three or four milkshakes a day, even if they were different flavors (and especially if they did not taste very good to begin with). It would be hard to stick to any diet that consisted of eating the exact same thing three or four times a day for a long period. I imagine most people would give up on that after day three or four, if they lasted that long!

  3. ech. I remember trying my big sister's Metrecal. It had a bouquet that reminded one of a tube of toothpaste squeezed in some Nestle's Quik.

  4. Indeed I think part of the idea behind the chalky taste was ; " You are a fat and deserve punishment "...well it seemed to be. I remember my Mom going on this with that 'tude . If she suffered enough , the pounds would melt...she actually stuck it out for some time and did lose a goodly amount ... Another attraction was one did not have to think. Just drink...but eventually the body demands real food and one had not learned anything about it .