Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sothern Hospitality

Ann, oh man.


  1. Love this shot. She always played such approachable characters and seemed so down-to-earth herself. It's nice to see a more glamorous side.

  2. I have watched some episodes of the "Private Secretary/Susie/The Ann Sothern Show" on YouTube, and it is really delightful. It is a shame it is not more well-known today.

  3. Ann Sothern was superb, convincing in everything she did, whether films or television.
    Blue Gardenia--1953--may not have been a starring vehicle, yet her presence somehow took that film to a higher level. The naturalness, the emotional poise, the lack of pretension---she positively nailed everyone of those attributes. An unfairly under-rated actress. So good of you to list her (at least, at one time) as one of your Patron Saints. Pope John XXIII and John Paul II cannot hold a candle.

  4. Thanks for posting . I watched her growing up when her shows were on UHF. Always liked her

  5. As wonderful in an "A" production like "A Letter To Three WIves" as she was in countless programmers, and a terrific foil to Lucy as the Countess Framboise on The Lucy Show -- she should have been the permanent Viv replacement, she and Lucy worked SO well together.

    And you can just spot a John Engstead a mile off, can't you? His stuff was just right for ladies of a certain age...


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