Monday, July 15, 2013

A Fellow Needs A Girl

Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe

Roddy McDowall and Elizabeth Taylor

Cesar Romero and Joan Crawford

Rock Hudson and Judy Garland

Mart Crowley and Natalie Wood


  1. I love this era; it's sad that the gay stars of today can't hide behind women like these women !

  2. Oh, dear - that really wasn't Judy's finest era, was it? But the shot of Crowley and Wood is stunning.

  3. Well..first of all, thanx TJB, for the wonderful choice of subject and amazing pics!...and got to agree with Muscato..that' s not one of the best Judy' s eras...but who could really blame her?...aniway, she is paradigmatic, at least to me...many tropical hugs, Eduardo

  4. No wonder Judy took all those dolls to lose weight. Where was Jane Fonda when she needed her? (Ans: in high school)