Friday, April 18, 2014

Meeting In The Ladies' Room

Have a hair-raisingly Good Friday, darlings.


  1. It's said Patty Duke was mean to Susan Hayward on the set...I bet she regrets that now.
    If it was me, I'd have flowers and bow as I said" MISS Hayward!... such an honor ...."

  2. I've read that it was actually Barbara Parkins who, inadvertently or not, threw some shade Susie's way when she stepped in for Judy. At the first meeting of the press after the change Parkins with full flourish said "Allow me to introduce my co-star Susan Hayward" to thunderous silence. Susan a star before Parkins was born obviously need no such introduction, let alone a condescending one from a demi star, graciously ignored the slight and answered question but kept a cool distance from Parkins from then on.

    Patty in Call Me Anna said that Susan was very much within herself during the filming still reeling from the sudden passing of the husband to whom she was devoted. She wasn't unfriendly just remote.

  3. I do think, too, that the director (according to Patty) tried to create tension between Duke and Hayward when there wasn't any there beforehand. Then something happened during the scene above and Hayward fell to the ground. Duke says she was mortified, but that Hayward wasn't completely buying it as accidental and the director (Mark Robson) did nothing to help smooth it all over.

  4. I never laid a finger on Old Ironsides...

  5. It was a set that needed special handling and didn't get it in the right way ... I imagine it was deemed by the director as good for the movie if there was ill feelings .... as a sort of back ass method acting to up the bitch element

    Both Duke and Parkins were in a make it big or not moment...while Miss Hayward was a Hollywood legend at the end of her career ( and acting them both off the screen imo), the set was ripe for strain .