Friday, April 25, 2014

The Cast Of A Lifetime

Doesn't anybody care?


  1. I've just been reading about Juliet Prowse, what an under-rated performer. Great with Elvis and engaged to Sinatra, and in some Fox films of the early 60s, she also played Sweet Charity in London in 1968. Born in India to South African parents she toured as a dancer, but died early of cancer. She should have had a much better career.

    1. As a friend pointed out, Juliet had a "strange" face, which must have been difficult to photograph. Not to be unkind, but in her youth, she had almost "amphibian" features: those huge eyes, chipmunk cheeks, and generous lips. She actually became much more beautiful and glamorous as she aged -- she looked terrific from the late 1970's on.

  2. Such a wild, sordid film. My favourite parts are the loving, lingering shots of lithe young Sal in his painted-on jeans!