Friday, May 23, 2014

Thank Heaven...

...the week is Dunne!


  1. Adore Irene Dunne! Just refound your blog again and happy I did.

  2. Adorable... "Strange as it may seem to those who have read much of the screwball side of Hollywood life, I have never had to fight against an impulse to jump into a swimming-pool while dressed for the opera." - Irene Dunne


  3. Please put a subscribe via email in your follow options - I am a long time computer/web user since 1995 but i really have no idea how to get anything on the options I am given here with Atom and RSS and I've looked for help on the web to no avail - sure there are many like me who are not a millennial. I run into your blog every 6 months or so, try to read up and then it's forgotten. If I have a link in email when there are new blogs, I would come every time something new is here!

  4. Love , Irene...there's was nuthin she couldn't do


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