Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Lady Eve

To our great shame, we're a day late in celebrating the birthday of one of our favorite ladies. However, we're sure that Eve would greet our oversight with a raised eyebrow and wry good humor.

April 30, 1908 - November 12, 1990


  1. I adore MISS Eve Arden . There was no one like her . I can't decide if it was in her contract to get the best lines, or her delivery just made them that way...the latter I think .

    1. I'm sure writers had a field day penning "Eve Arden lines" for her, but the lady could make absolute dross sound like comedy gold, simply by virtue of her timing and delivery. I'm very fond of The Mothers-in-Law, but it's really NOT a "good" show. The writing never rises above the occasionally good, but Eve elevates it to a far higher level than it deserved.

  2. Just watched an 'I Love Lucy' episode yesterday where Eve Arden was in the next booth over at the Brown Derby, & Lucy asked her if the portrait on the wall was Judy Holliday or Shelley Winters, and of course, it was Eve that scene!

  3. "Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Ann Sheridan, Jane Wyman, Alexis Smith and Doris Day. I wonder if those illustrious leading ladies realized at the time that entire scenes were being swiped from them by the one of the classiest "supporting" actresses ever to hit Hollywood." - Guy Flatley

    She was wonderful. Jx