Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Serendipity

March 3. 1911 - June 7, 1937

March 3, 1903 - September 13, 1959


  1. I know that this may get my Frurfu card taken away from me, but I have never understood Harlow's allure. She couldn't act worth a damn and she always seems washed out to me. I understand that every era has their sex bomb, I just don't get it.

  2. Despite these stunning images, I think she was most effective as a comedienne. I had trouble getting her too, but I think it was Wife vs Secretary or maybe Libeled Lady when I found that I enjoyed her a lot. Have you seen these?

  3. I've seen them. I think its just that she was an icon of a different era when the things that tickled the taste buds of American's was a bit different. But I am sure she was a lovely woman.

    Give me Irene Dunn, Rosiland Russell and Paulette Goddard any day.


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