Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not to Be Nasty...

...but it just isn't the same for us. We're sure she's a nice girl and all, but the phrase "Oscar winner Sandra Bullock" catches in our throat every time we attempt to say it. Of course, once you utter those fateful words, "And the Oscar goes to... Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, or Julia Roberts," anything can happen.

P.S. We're sorry for this lapse in updates, but we're unexpectedly taking care of some family health issues. We'll be back soon, darlings!


  1. goodness...I hope everything is all right.

    The good thing about Sandra is that she seems pretty down to earth and humble about it herself. Maybe that itself deserves an oscar for acting, who knows.

  2. Dear One,

    Never apologize for not updating us. Family things come up. We're just glad that you are OK. And of course you know that it you ever, EVER need anything a whole bunch of us would be on your doorstep before you could utter "Toot Sweet".

  3. As for Sandra, her name may catch in throat, but the dress was simply divine. I would have placed her hair into a loose bun - one that wrested in the nape of her neck.

    But the winner of the night was Penelope Cruz is that STUNNING richly garnet colored gown. The down side to that color (which always looks good except on redheads) is that it never looks good on a red carpet.

  4. Jason - Betty White adores her, so I grudgingly concede that Mrs. James must have some good qualities. Thanks for your concern, sweetie!

    Stu - You're a doll, doll. But what if I said, "Toots Shor"?

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

  6. yah i was pretty shocked at that!!!! tho it could have been worse.. it could have been maria carey or even worse-LINDSAY LOHAN! ;o)

  7. To see her picture here beneath a topflight GLAMOROUS MOVIE STAR like Crawford, I couldn't agree with you more.

    That said, I worked with her once on a photoshoot and found her to be nothing but kind, funny, intelligent, interesting and interested in everyone on the set. So for that, I was happy for the ol' girl.

  8. Helen Hunt was Murray Slaughter's daughter! She is a great actress!

  9. People, please, remember: this is the Academy! I think what went down was that they were going to give it to Meryl, and then someone leaked out the design of her dress and, appalled, they had to do something to prevent it from happening. I mean you can't give an Academy Award to someone who wore that dress she had on. This can be the only excuse.

  10. I am happy in the knowledge that there are magical places like this wonderful site that never let's us forget what real actresses were like.
    Joan, Greta, Bette, Vivien, Marilyn, Gloria, Greer, Susan, Elizabeth...
    Yes, standards have fallen to embarrassing lows, but we will always have these lovely ladies on film to remind us how it is really done.

  11. If I have to see one more hideously overwrought, ruffled, sparkly, flowery, bullshit Marchesa monstrosity on these Hollywood idiotas...

    Marchesa is the new Badgley Mischka--ick.

  12. amen to flowerbell.
    too true.

  13. It is the end times, darling, the end times.

    I hope things are turning out ok on the home front for ya.

  14. Hoop all will be ok for you !!!
    Take care !
    Greetings from Holland !
    Victor !!!

  15. yes, this year is tough to merely dismiss. sandy does seem to be a lovely woman and i too am happy for her, but the academy doesn't give a shit about yesterday. winning an oscar used to give the winner cache & extra money....not any more. after the thoughtless excuse for excluding some from the in memoriam segment, i can see myself not watching that show in the future.

    well, maybe i'll tape it & fast forward.

    hey T...XXXXX

  16. Who did they exclude from the in memoriam?? That's like kittens spitting on a tiger.

    Hope your family member improves soon. Peace.


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