Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Connie's Casting Couch

Connie Francis shows us how she screened the four gay porn stars who escorted her to the recent 50th anniversary party for Where the Boys Are (1960). We just love this dame, for reasons best summed up by our friend Drew: "...her superhuman ability to navigate through life in a long slit skirt, 3-1/2 inch spiked stiletto heels, and a towering bouffant without toppling over. I couldn't do that." Oh, Drew dear, we beg to differ, but we agree on La Franconero!


  1. She is a goddess.

    I imagine that, as I approach the gates of Heaven, the opening orchestral swell will begin and, as St. Peter invites me in at the trembling fermata, Miss Francis will begin to sing "Where the Boys Are."

    Surely this will be the Rapture.

  2. I enjoyed that fun stupid film, oh sixties.

  3. Oh, she's my idol! I wish I could be escorted by three gay porn stars wherever I went, too!

  4. Ooo, great caption by the way! Tehe!

  5. I think that Connie has the voice of an Angel and that she can also go from soft to volumn with no problem. She's also the ultimate performer and always gives 100% to her fans. She's in her 70's and still singing very well, especially for her age. I just wish she would do more TV appearances as I love to hear her talk, she's very articulate and interesting to listen to.
    Linda T.


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