Tuesday, March 16, 2010

While We're Away

Alas, Robert Redford wasn't interested in Daisy's clover.


  1. Not unless Daisy Clover had a strap-on.

  2. God that was an awful movie. It's a train wreck that you can't take your eyes off. Visually it's stunning but what a dog.

    I love 1960's period stuff, sometimes it's appealing but more often than not it looks like the 1960's version of that period like Daisy Clover.

    Still I watch this slag each and every time TCM shows it.

  3. I love "You're Gonna Hear From Me". I've always thought of it as the best Judy Garland song that Judy never got to sing.

  4. And people wonder why she didn't get to sing in Gypsy.

  5. No wonder Harvard Lampoon voted Nat 1966 Worst Actress Award for schlock like that. Love that she gamely went to accept her award. What a trooper!


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