Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the Beat Goes On

Live and learn: the wrong husband, or the wrong hairdresser, can have disastrous results.


  1. marksparky - The moment I found that pic of Barbra and Jon Peters, I knew I had to find one of Amy Winehouse and her flophouse husband to "compliment" it!

  2. what's going on with her nose?
    is it the photo? how did she
    ever allow its publication?

  3. In a Vanity Fair article about Jon Peters it said that he used to ride around Beverly Hills with an elderly Sonja Henie on the back of his motorcycle and that she gave him the money that started his first Rodeo Drive beauty salon.

  4. lawrence, you are just a font of information, thank you!

  5. flophouse husband! hahahaha


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