Tuesday, May 31, 2011

But Alive

Lauren Bacall

Anne Baxter

Arlene Dahl

Eleanor Parker

All but one of 'em.


  1. I am totally in AWE of your amazing blog. Just mentioned it in mine as I swiped a copy of a Jack La Rue picture - hope that's OK.

    Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers x

  2. A deliciously awful musical, saved by the presence of Lauren Bacall, who should have been given a medal for carrying it on her shoulders. One or two good songs, and the rest...ecchh! Be sure to check out the Youtube clip of her performing in it at the Tony's, the one where she winds up at the gay bar in the village. Mind blowing!

  3. I saw the Bacall version in London in '73 - but Anne Baxter, wow that would have been spupendous,I can only imagine she would have been terrific, and so RIGHT !

  4. TJB, somehow we're very often in tune at the same time and it's not intentional! Sometime today or tomorrow, I'll be featuring someone who was in this musical. Weird!