Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friends of Dorothy

Dorothy Malone and Tab Hunter in Battle Cry (1955, Warner Bros.)

Dorothy Malone and Rock Hudson in The Tarnished Angels (1958, Universal)

Dorothy Malone and Liberace in Sincerely Yours (1955, Warner Bros.)


  1. Love it! She lucked out in the first two pics, but that shot of Lee attempting to kiss her, though, is just gross.

  2. I think this post is a good place for me to wallow in my disappointment at the Liberace museum being closed. When I was 14, we went to visit family in Nevada and I made my grandparents take me to the museum. (I was a strange teenager. I also went to Madam Tussaud's and only had my picture taken with Dean Martin.) It was one of the best exhibitions I've visited! Boo recession.

    Oh, and Dorothy Malone was totally hot.


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