Friday, June 10, 2011

Love That Bob

Of course, he loved pussy.

June 10, 1910 - December 2, 1990


  1. Wow. He always struck me as entirely sexless but that second pic from top makes me think otherwise.

  2. We found the October 1957 edition of my husband's company's newsletter (The Beechcrafter) at a local antique store and it has an article on how much Bob Cummings loves his Beechcraft Super 18 airplane. Lana Turner's in the same issue because she was starring The Lady Takes a Flyer, which featured planes from the company. I have to admit to being way more excited about the company in 1957 than in 2011.

  3. I just saw a book Bob wrote in the 50s (I think), called "Stay Young and Vital"....very likely ghostwritten. It was up on a high shelf at a coffeehouse. I wonder if he recommended ideas such as scotch tape behind the ears and white crayon under the eyes??

  4. No, it was the real thing - he was a health nut & that's one of the reasons he looked so good for so long!

    He was a very intelligent man - studied aviation and lots of other brainy stuff.