Friday, March 16, 2012

About Town

Seen tonight at a preview performance of the brilliant new production of Gore Vidal's The Best Man: Liza Minnelli. We can report that Liza looked terrific in a canary yellow coat, graciously signed autograph after autograph for the fans who flocked around her, and when she hit the refreshment bar, she ordered Twizzlers with a Z.


  1. Twizzlers with a Z? I think they should hire her to do their ads. :)

    Anywho.....a little birdie makes me think that today is your birthday, and I'm just here to say I hope you have an utterly fabulous one!

  2. I've popped over to wish you a happy birthday!

  3. Oh, you kids!!! Thank you!

  4. We've been celebrating the joyous occasion over at The Hair Hall of Fame too.


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