Friday, March 16, 2012

Love, Ann Miller Style

E.J. Peaker and Ann Miller in the Love, American Style episode "Love and the Christmas Punch" (originally aired November 17, 1972)

Between the hair, the marabou and the jewelry, one wonders if there was any room on the set for actual furniture?


  1. love you, but must correct the typo, it's the fabulous E. J. Peaker from That's Life (with Robert Morse) and Hello, Dolly! (movie version)

  2. When Annie's in the room, who needs furniture?

    Besides, it just leaves that much more room for the inevitable tap number.

    God, I miss that woman...

  3. @cwilson284 - Darling, it's certainly not the first typo I've ever made, and probably not the last -- and the best thing is, every one I've ever made has been caught by a reader (because you guys are so sharp), and I've been able to correct them for posterity! xx

    @Muscato - And I've missed you!!!!


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