Friday, March 9, 2012

Bust Up

Shirley Eaton

In 1964, Goldfinger briefly made a sensation out of Shirley Eaton, whose nude, spray-painted body remains an iconic screen image. With typical British reserve, Miss Eaton gave her opinions of her fellow sex symbols to columnist Earl Wilson. Hollywood's bombshells must have been eager to send this bundle back to Britain after hearing these cheerful little earfuls:

"I don't want to be a sex symbol, or anything stupid like that...I mean perfectly terrible symbols like...Jayne Mansfield. [She's] laughed at."

"Anita Ekberg's even worse... She has a hard, brittle face -- and I don't think she's conspicuously talented."

"Carroll Baker? If that's going to be the new American sex symbol, I feel sorry for the American woman!...She wears a low dress and a big fur, but she's like a little housewife."

"People have been...saying really terrible things about Elizabeth Taylor. How she shouldn't wear bikinis, things like that. I can't bear people who are always downing people, can you?"


  1. Who'd have thought Miss Eaton - whose own career was hardly that of a superstar (her last film was "The Seven Secrets of Sumuru", afterall) - would fling so much mud?! Jx

  2. she sniffed too much paint, made her cuckoo.

  3. She also looks terrible now. Regardless of her age. She shouldn't look that bad. Her teeth are brown and her skin was ill taken care of. Sun heaven.

  4. neither can i bear them...thank u sooo very much for sharing!

  5. Love these pics...makes me feel good to be a femme.

  6. Love the pics.
    Thanks for sharing.

    George Vreeland Hill