Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where Have All the Songbirds Gone?

Our musing for the day: we lament the complete absence from the press release lexicon of these delightful turns of phrase -- "glamorous songstress"; "exciting young thrush"; "versatile song stylist"; "slinky cafe chanteuse." Come back, Lana Cantrell -- all is forgiven.


  1. ... or indeed, Lainie Kazan!

    However, it seems that apart from Miss Carr, their careers have taken a different turn away from "chantouserie".


  2. where have they all gone?

    well, lainie went to seed and never looked back.

  3. Sadly the media and advertisers think that children are the ones to direct their marketing campaigns.

    "Tonight Only the lovely song stylings of Ms Brittney Spears..."

    It's a recession dammit! Mommy and Daddy aint got no money to give to the kids so stop directing towards their empty pockets.

  4. ...and Kathleen Turner as Vikki Carr!

    Soooooooo glad to have you back TJB!!!


  5. "We had VOICES then!" -- or something like that. I fell in love with Lana Cantrell when I was 15 in 1966 and over the years have had all her LPs converted to CDs -- at insane expense -- and of course have loved her 1996 compilation album, the only CD she ever made, from old recordings. I appreciate that she wanted to become an attorney (she has since retired) but there are so many good lawyers and so few great chanteuses! :( Seriously, though I only saw her live once, this woman had it all -- a voice and interpretive skills to rival Garland at her best, and the most delightful tomboyish gamine quality. She said in an interview with a local Long Island newspaper several years ago, in the town where she lives, that she can still sing. How I wish she'd do so publicly. To hear her take on "Let Yourself Go" alone would be worth a fortune to me.


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