Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blaze of Glory

The film is called Blazing Stewardesses.

The set appears to be a barbecue pit at an abandoned Sandals resort in Albuquerque.

The extras are bored family members of the cast and crew.

We're fairly certain the credits include "Hair by Ann Miller, wardrobe by Dale Evans."

The song is a sub-Eydie Gorme ballad called "Now the Game is Over."

But Yvonne De Carlo is still selling it as if it's Stephen fucking Sondheim. Work.


  1. I just looked that up on imdb and I can't believe that wasn't Regis Philbin sitting next to the pink-topped, bespeckled girl in the cowboy hat who speaks at the end of the clip.

  2. I would so like to have s*domized the Yvonne De Carlo of 1949's Criss Cross (while Burt Lancaster was forced to watch, bound and gagged).