Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Clash

Barbra Streisand stands out at a Chanel fashion show by NOT wearing a suit by Coco.

Marlene Dietrich is not amused.


  1. I've always thought that, in this shot, Barbra's is the expression of a young woman on whom it's dawning - perhaps for the first time ever - that however successful these kinds of stunts have been in the past, right now she's simply Gone Too Far. And that Miss Dietrich is preparing, in her own inimitable way, to school her in just that fact.

  2. Scaasi took credit for this design, but, as we were later informed by her people, Streisand designed this ensemble herself!

  3. I love early experimental Babs! She struck out sometimes or at least skated close as she does here but she was open to new things, now she has donned unbecoming bed sheets dyed black with bland gold jewelry and straw hair as her uniform and it is not an improvement.

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