Saturday, October 24, 2009

And His Little Dog, Too

Poseidon3 has been riding the tidal wave of success with his last few guesses: he was the first, and only, to pinpoint legendary Italian film director Vittorio de Sica as our latest Mystery Guest. As the original photo amply demonstrated, de Sica may have been known for spearheading the neorealist movement in cinema, and for helming such stark classics as The Bicycle Thief (1948), but as an actor, and in his off-screen real life, he was quite the dapper Dan. Interestingly, when de Sica attempted to move out of his "kitchen sink" stereotype and into more stylish territory as a director, the results were soundly panned: A Place for Lovers (1968), starring Marcello Mastroianni and Faye Dunaway, boasted glamorous stars, gorgeous locales, and glorious music, but was dubbed the worst movie of all time by certain critics.

Poseidon3 wins Marcello's tie from the Place for Lovers poster, which we will then promptly steal back. Congratulazioni!


  1. Let's just say that Mr De Sica redeemed himself with his next film:
    The Garden of the Finzi-Continis.
    Worth a gander.

  2. Ha! Thanks! I caught this film many moons ago on TNT and it was hard to get through. I wish I'd kept it, though. Miss Faye never looked like this last photo at any point in the actual movie! She was wan and colorless at practically every point IIRC. (BTW, my "streak" is over because I have no clue who the latest mystery guest is!)


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