Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ripped from the Headlines

Sex-Addicted former ESPN analyst Steve Phillips:
Would you, or wouldn't you?

Luckily for those who answered in the affirmative, this is a picture of Phillips with his ex-paramour, who caused the whole sticky mess:

Not to be bitchy, but honestly: if Phillips would tap that (and pretty much throw his career down the toilet in the process), then any of us stand a pretty good shot at sampling his curve balls.


  1. His tastes tend toward the trailer park I see, then yes indeed I stand a pretty good shot at it.

  2. This could be used as an important educational tool on the horrors of Sex addiction.
    I know I'm scared straight.

  3. You're so right, TJB! Hideous! he could at least pick someone who doesn't suggest Alice the Goon through the face.

  4. Now, now, I'm sure that she has a really nice personality.

    And would we want to sleep with this man after he cheated on he's wife? OK, I'd blow him in an alley, but honestly, it isn't as if he's Carlos Ponce.

  5. Best laugh I've had today. Not sure what that says about me, not going to ponder it.

    And this is the best website I've seen in an age. We might be related.