Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Packing Our Grip

September and October have been dreadful, darlings, with 50-60 hour work weeks keeping us from you. And we have truly missed you! We are off on a much-needed Roman holiday for the next week; after we return, the rest of this fall/winter season promises to be just as hectic as it has been, but we are determined to get back in the Stirred Up swing of things again. Thank you, as always, for your patience and loyalty; you guys make it all worthwhile!


  1. Safe journey, and I hope you get good seat mates on the plane.

  2. Arrivederci, buttercup! Pick us up something swarthy, won't you.

  3. goodness!
    Rome! Like Audrey, make sure to put your hand into all the Italian orifices you can find.
    Oh, and have fun!

  4. goes without saying, ¡buen viaje!

    and, jane & her luggage & her matching outfit & bag, it's just too, too much! i'm plotzing from it!

  5. Color me terribly, terribly jealous. Of you, not so much Jane.

  6. Ah, Bella Roma - I hope you bump into Gina Lollobrigida somewhere fabulous, dahhhling... Jx


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