Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miss Arlene Says...

...sit back and relax! It's Saturday, darlings!


  1. Poor Arlene. She was miscast in the Doris Day-James Garner Comedy "The Thrill of It All" as the late in life pregnant wife of an ad executive. The film was made in 1964ish. That would have made Arlene preggers VERY late in life at a time when such things we're invtro easy. My mother always found that aspect of the movie vulgar - a woman her age should know better than to have sex. Many years later my mother remarried and at the age of 75 started having what she called "The best sex of my life". I said what about Arlene Francis in that movie - you said it was shameful. "Yes," my mother said but their is one big difference. Implied in a movie its dirty. But I'm not in a movie and I think its fun!"

  2. How fun - I'm Arlene's biggest fan (I qualify because I have seen EVERY 'What's My Line" ever broadcast - twice!). What a smart, clever woman. I miss that b!tch (and yes, she was!).

  3. it almost appears as if arlene was cut & pasted into that reclinah.

    arlene hawked a lot of stuff. i have arlene francis salad tongs in the original box.....isn't that sad?

  4. the back of that chair is alive...but is she?

  5. attc - Welll... Miss Arlene was 46 when The Thrill of it All was filmed in 1963. Which is late in life to have a "blessed event," even now, but not entirely implausible. I rather liked her performance, especially that giddy opening sequence. Of course, Miss Arlene also has the quietest, most soignee child labor in the history of the world!

    laurel street - "and yes, she was!" Say it isn't so! And then tell us the dirt.

    norma desmond - What's sadder is that you never sent them to me on my birthday. Sniffle.

    Jason - Only Martin Gabel knows for sure.

    MJ - I'm sure once the photographer capped his lens, Miss Arlene whipped out her beer helmet with straws.

  6. Worship Miss Arlene.... We just don't have people like that (on TV anyway) anymore, do we?

  7. askthecoolcookie & TJB:

    Everything I've been able to find on her indicates that she was born in 1907, which would have made her 56 years old in 1963.

    A few years earlier, in 1960, she played another overaged mother of small children in Billy Wilder's "One,Two,Three", but thanks to our old friend Suspension Of Disbelief, it didn't matter. She had some of the best lines in the movie and she knew how to deliver them.