Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

...we had a delicious time at the party we attended on Friday the 13th. It was a soiree which Dorothy Draper would have adored: gracious hosts; an elegant, modern setting; charming and amusing guests; plentiful, simple, delicious food; cold champagne; and a marvelous air of sophisticated informality. The biggest thrill, though, was that among the guests was none other than Miss Marilyn Maye herself.

TJB, the marvelous Marilyn Maye and one of our handsome hosts, Drew Stevens

To discuss, however casually and briefly, song craft, stage technique, and the work of Johnny Mercer with one of the truly great stylists wasn't just a thrill, but an honor. Even better was discovering that Marilyn Maye is not only just as glamorous and charming as she appears on stage, but also as down to earth and funny. It was a most delightful evening, a party with the kind of flair and panache that can only be found in New York. Thank you, Drew and Dan, for giving us an opportunity to dress up and mingle with honest-to-goodness glamour.


  1. it certainly does sound like it was wonderful!

  2. I see you went for the 'Blushing Angel Face' look.

  3. I caption this photo: When Ledgends Meet.

  4. Jason & Norma - It was a truly delightful evening!

    Jill - Thank you! My pocket square (hidden behind Ms. Maye) was maize, with a paisley pattern in gold, orange and deep blue, and a border of the same shade of mauve as my sweater.

    MJ - I had to cake it on, but there you are.

    Felix - Such an angel face, you are.