Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Had the Craziest Dream

It started off, innocently enough (and, frankly, as many of our dreams do), with Miss Arlene Francis...

...who is chatting with Miss Dorothy Kilgallen in the CBS commissary...

...when they spy, sitting a few tables away, Jeanne Crain...

...who is lunching with Eva Bartok...

...except that Jeanne and Eva are dressed as pioneer women. They're whisked away from the commissary by wagon train, through the wildnerness, where they encounter Daniel Boone...

...who, in our dream, is portrayed not by Fess Parker, but Matthew McConnaughey.

Suddenly, we are wandering through the historical home of Daniel Boone, including a room where, a plaque tells us, he consummated an affair with Dorothy Dandridge.

Struck by nature's call, we search the museum for a public restroom, finally finding one and then realizing that we are barefoot! Of course, we don't want to pull a Britney Spears... we leave. In the courtyard of the museum, we realize we left our pink cosmetic case (which we don't actually own in real life!)...

...and our Louis Vuitton Baikal bag (which we do) sitting on a bench.

Frantically, we search them to make sure nothing's missing, and discover a litany of missed calls on our iPhone...

...from our boss, wondering where the hell we are, and why we are late for work.

We blame it all on Arlene Francis, who started the whole bizarre mess.


  1. any dream that begins and ends with,"the star of stage, screen and television, miss arlene francis!" is a dream i dream. i must admit, i've had a similar dream, but it ends with another arlene francis, the four-legged one that ran the flats. i lost my last nickel on that nag.

  2. I think I've told you memory is failing in my old age...Jeanne Crain was my husband's aunt. He used to run around her expansive lawn in Palos Verdes.

  3. Darling - you need a rest from your sleep!

  4. My, your dreams are so much more fabulous than mine. In my dreams final exams are upon us, and I have been attending classes all semester, and I am a nervous wreck because I need to tell people this, but if I do I'll fail for sure...and I don't care, which makes the whole dream that much more frustrating...

  5. I was with you until I read:
    "pink cosmetic case (which we don't actually own in real life!)..."

    and then I knew you *had* to be lying. It's just not nice to lie.

  6. I dreamed that one of my blogger friends was a hornet and I chopped off his stinger.

    Be glad it wasn't you.

    Or Jason either.

    Nor Norma.