Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SSUWAT Endores

Full disclosure: we're thoughtful, charming, and concerned citizens, but we're also covetous, materialistic, and like pretty things. At the moment, many of the things we're coveting come from FelixInHollywood's Etsy Store. Felix, of course, has been a loyal friend to SSUWAT for some time - and his good taste in blogs extends to every other area of his life. The treasures he's offering for sale are always delightful and sometimes remarkable. Since it's really always all about us (see above disclosure), you can kill two birds with one stone by patronizing Felix's absolutely fabulous site, and gifting us with your purchase. Thanks ever so.

The Moderne Chrome and Bakelite Canape Tray (above, $26) would be the perfect thing to put into service at our next Arlene Francis- and MC-inspired dinner party.

Feast your eyes on this amazing Late 30's Schaiparelli Silk Scarf (below, $26).

It might look rather spiffy tucked into a certain someone's camel's hair sport coat, n'est-ce pas? We've never dabbled in drag before, but we'd consider it for Schiap. And Felix.

Do you know what's missing from our ensemble below?

While we're dipping our toes in the waters of travesti, we would use one of these lovely, Dazzling Two Toned Weiss Earrings (below, $29) as a lapel pin in the springtime. Just to be sprightly and gay.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, darlings. Felix has a well-curated selection of goodies for you to peruse and covet. Just keep us in mind when you do.


  1. I'm compelled to steal a quote from the great Angelyne (Talentless 80's LA cultural phenomenon and billboard queen), "I can feel myself becoming more and more famous everyday."

    I'm thrilled and humbled to be noted and received by my 'blog family'.

    Thanks ever so, TJB.

  2. ooo...I shall peruse the merchandise soon!

    Time's are hard around here, so I can't afford much, but I'll have a devilled egg sent up from Arlene.