Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Middle Ages

We were described by someone as "an older, middle-aged Asian man."

We'll be spending the weekend applying various masques, ointments, wraps, and monkey glands. See you on Monday, darlings. If we haven't been carted off to the home.


  1. Oh, honey - I didn't look as exciting as Gloria Swanson when I was 22, let alone all these years later.

    Although, now that I think about it, that's about the age when I was dressing most like her...

  2. A.) That person is obviously blind.

    B.) Voodoo is the only answer for such people.

    C.) The monkey glands don't work, I've been eating them for years to no avail.

  3. Have you tried Oil of Old Age?

  4. Oh, honey, you are not EVEN middle-aged!

    But you're close.

  5. just remember what made gloria appear so alluring at 52.....that plateful of flesh that was cut away from her face by a surgeon. you ain't gonna find THAT in a bottle of avon empress cream.

  6. GEEZE!!!

    Your ten years younger than me!! I'd hate to hear how I'm being described!

    I think that a pistol whipping is in order.

  7. Sessue Hayakawa and Toshiro Mifune in middle-age were pure, unadulterated yum yum. Why not you, too??

  8. To all & sundry - Many thanks!

    Barrie - Because, at 33, I don't plan on kicking off in my 60's; so I don't consider myself nearing middle age quite yet. LOL.