Monday, August 31, 2009

Hardened Criminals

San Quentin, 1947.

Just a Reminder

Lawrence Tierney and Gene Tierney are not the same person.

Bitches on Wheels

Their motor may be idle, but their gossip isn't.

Time For Tiffin

Small wonder that no one guessed that our last Mystery Guest was lovely 1960's starlet, Pamela Tiffin: she was a complete chameleon who seemed to change appearance with every film. In one of the oddest career trajectories in Hollywood history, Tiffin made her debut in two prestigious 1961 films, garnering critical praise and two separate Golden Globe nominations for the Billy Wilder comedy One, Two, Three and the Tennessee Williams melodrama Summer and Smoke. No easy critic, Wilder himself hailed Tiffin as the freshest face to hit Hollywood since Audrey Hepburn; so why didn't the gorgeous, talented Tiffin become at least as big a star as, say, Ann-Margret?

Tiffin co-starred with A-M in two films, the bland 1962 remake of State Fair, and the bouffantastic trifle The Pleasure Seekers (1964); in both, Ann-Margret is unmistakably Ann-Margret: a fixed, fabulous, familiar image. Pamela Tiffin might as well be two different actresses, so wildly different is her look, her persona, her approach in both films. Such confusing contrast made a case for Tiffin's versatility, but sealed her fate as a star.



The quality of Tiffin's films also veered wildly between glossy pap for MGM (Come Fly with Me, 1963), teen-oriented drive-in fare for AIP (The Lively Set, 1964), and prestige pictures like Warners' Harper (1966), with the occasional Eurotrash exploitation flick thrown in for good measure. One wonders if producers simply had no idea how to best present this starlet; or if she just didn't really care, and was in the movie game for a lark.

Tiffin closed out the 1960's nearly unrecognizable as a blonde, and appearing more frequently in obscure Continental productions; she retired in 1974. The photo we used for our Guess Who? post was taken from Tiffin's turn in the 1966 Broadway revival of Dinner at Eight. The rather remarkable cast also included Blanche Yurka, Walter Pidgeon, Darren McGavin, and one of our Patron Saints, Miss Arlene Francis. Watch this fun clip from What's My Line?, as the cast, including Tiffin, attempts to stump Miss Arlene and the panel. And, of course, Pamela Tiffin looks completely different, yet again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reason #87 Why We Love Fabulon

Praise be to Thombeau and Planet Fabulon for introducing us to Dorinda and her family.

It's Sunday!!!

Enjoy the last gasp of the weekend, darlings. We'll reveal our last Mystery Guest tomorrow; in the meantime, here's a visual clue: she's pictured here, sans 1930's wig and makeup, with Italian film star Nino Manfredi.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Good to Be Queen, Part Two

The benevolent Queen D, waving her sceptre, and spreading joy and mink across the land.

August 29, 1924 - December 14, 1963

Friday, August 28, 2009

Say Cheese!

You may fancy a lush, creamy Camembert...

August 28, 1899 - August 26, 1978

...or perhaps a strong, intense, grainy Pecorino is more to your liking...

August 28, 1930

...or maybe you just want the pasteurized goodness of Velveeta.

August 28, 1958

Any way you slice it, we're sure you can supply the fruit.

Spreading the Love

The following posts feature some of our favorite blogs and bloggers; many came before SSUWAT and served as inspiration, while others are new favorites. This is our opportunity to say "Thanks, bitches" to those who started us on this journey, and to shine a spotlight on some worthy sites you may have overlooked. If you're a regular visitor here and don't see your blog featured, darlings, we offer a heartfelt mea culpa; as you can see by our Links, we have many, many blogs we deem Absolutely Fabulous, but our poor, tired fingers could only muster enough strength to feature a dozen or so. But know that We Love You!

P.S. We don't believe in playing favorites, but special mention must be made, and due homage paid, to the point at which most of these blogs meet: Planet Fabulon, which, of course, we have featured here. I believe it's safe to say that most of us first discovered each other through Thombeau's wonderful, wacky world, and for that, we are eternally grateful. But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?

It's Good to Be Queen!

Just ask Thombeau. And then visit Planet Fabulon to bask in his queenly glamour.
Remember to practice your curtsey.

Doing Hard Time

As you can see, doing hard time can be fun.

Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights is fun and fabulous. Visit it today, won't you?

Tell them Queenie sent you.

How's Your Savoir Faire?

Above: David (right) and TJB (left) are inspecting you.

Honestly, we could care less. We're so easy-going, non-judgemental, eager to live and let live. But David Toms, you see, is already talking smack about you to us (see above). And we feel it is our solemn duty to advise you to shape the f*ck up. Visit Savoir Faire, and you may acquire at least a quarter of his taste and style. Maybe.

What Makes Stella Roar?

You could ask Jill, but she's too much of a lady to tell.

She's a woman, hear her Roar.

Beat the Devil

Before the devil beats you.

If, however, we are going to hell in a handbasket, it's nice to know that Joe is leading the way.

Get your hands on his basket at The Notorious Joe.


Send Help Now

A glamour-starved populace anxiously awaits the gentle ministrations of our all-around Beauty Guru and former showgirl, Dray of Vintage a'Go-Go.

Italians Do It Better

ilduce is a handsome, charming Sicilian with bulging biceps, a bright smile, and thighs that could crack coconuts. His blog, Suffering Fools Badly, has not been updated in a while, and we can only hope the reason is that someone in Boston has a lovely pair of coconuts.

It's Tough to Be a Sissy

Wanna know why we adore Sissydude as much as we do?

John is the only person we know who loves Big Hair...

...and Hairy Ass as much as we do.

And that's a lot.

Who's Your Favorite Teenage Singing Sensation?

Your finalists: Rod Lauren: one hit wonder ("If I Had a Girl," #31, 1960); movie star (The Crawling Hand, 1963); accused mastermind behind the hit man slaying of his Filipino actress wife.

Or Jason, New Orleans' cutest trash-picker. We know who we'd choose, and he didn't even have to sleep with us to sway our vote.

Visit Night is half gone...

What Color is Your Puddin'?

Ours is pink, naturally. To match Mistress MJ's Secret Lady Place.

Visit Infomaniac, if you dare.

Yo, Ho! (Ho, Ho.)

What, really, can be said about ayem8y that hasn't been said countless times before? Particularly whispered around truck stops along I-95 and I-75. So we'll just let his Mean Dirty Pirate blog speak for itself.

On a Distant Shore

Above: Muscato (right) and Mr. Muscato (left), surveying all that they command.

We'd like to despise Muscato, since the bitch seemingly has it all: a glamorous life, an exotic locale, a husband - even Koko, the Wonder Dog, for heavens' sake! But Cafe Muscato is such a charming place, and Muscato such an engaging host, we simply cannot. Resistance is futile. We even like his little dog, too.

Bitter Queen

Pictured above is R Man, husband of Mr. Peenee. Yes, that Mr. Peenee. Even with this humpalicious specimen waiting at home for him with slippers and pipe, that Mr. Peenee still finds it in his evil, evil heart to constantly tag us with memes. 4 out of 5 top movie stars use Lustre-Creme shampoo, and 4 out of 5 of our memes have been courtesy of Mr. Peenee. Visit his blog today and give him a piece of your mind!

Suspicious Minds

We'll only accept a Lethal Dose from Cary Grant. Or Donna Lethal.

Miss Donna is also the only person we'd allow to rat what's left of our hair.

A Page Turner

What's not to like about Brooks Peters? He's cute, he's literate, he's met Diana Vreeland! Plus, he's An Open Book. Read more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye, Kitty

Singer Kitty White Lee Remembered by Children

by Terria Smith
Palm Springs Desert Sun, August 26, 2009

Jazz fans may remember Kitty White Lee for her recordings or for the song "Crawfish," which she sang as a duet with Elvis Presley in the 1958 film "King Creole."

Loret Stagg, however, will remember what it was like to grow up with her as a mother.

"When I was a little girl she used to have a little gold necklace," Stagg recalled. "And I remember now it used to be an angel. I would ask her ‘Who is that girl on your necklace?' and she would say ‘That's you.'"

Professionally known as Kitty White, the performer died of complications from a stroke on Aug. 11 at Palm Springs Health Care and Rehabilitation Center. She was 86 years old.

During White's career she recorded songs for Capitol, Emarcy and Mercury records.

She performed and recorded with jazz artists Laurindo Almeida, Red Callendar, Buddy Collette and Ben Webster.

And her music was featured on the soundtracks of 1950s films including "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Night of the Hunter," in addition to the Presley film.

"Mother said he (Presley) was a really nice young man," said Bonnie White-Mitchell, White's eldest child.

In 1967 White moved to Palm Springs with her family.

She considered the desert to be her home and a "quiet, almost spiritual place to her," Stagg said.

White performed at the Spa Hotel for 16 years.

Stagg, White's youngest daughter, remembers going to watch her mother perform "at least a couple of times a year."

White-Mitchell remembers the atmosphere her mother created during her performances.

"I remember when mother sang, life entered the room," White-Mitchell said.

Stagg said her mother's performing ability was something she appreciated when she became an adult.

"When you have a parent who performs sometimes you don't realize just how talented they are," she said.

White was primarily a romantic ballad and jazz singer who had a voice that seemed to lift people's spirits, White-Mitchell said.

"She had a true love of music and a genuine love of people," Stagg said.

But White's biggest love was right in her home.

She was there when her children came home from school and cooked dinner for them, Stagg said.

"My mom always loved to perform but it was a means to an end," she said. "She wasn't interested in becoming famous. She loved to perform but she loved her family more."

Services for White took place Aug. 18 at the Palm Springs Seventh Day Adventist Church. She was preceded in death by her ex-husband Edward White and second husband, Richard Henry Lee.

She is survived by five children, all of whom live in Southern California: Bonnie White-Mitchell, Edward White Jr., Lisa White, Loret Stagg and Richard Lee; 11 grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.

Guess Who?

Pretty is As Pretty Does

You're all gorgeous creatures, darlings!

And Now She's Gone

October 23, 1940 - August 26, 2009