Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Vacation

Darlings, we're taking a brief hiatus from posting for a while. Not terribly long; just enough to recharge our fabulosity batteries. We'd also like to send birthday wishes out to a dedicated follower of SSUWAT!

See you soon, possums!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Reading

Last year, we spotlighted some of our favorite blogs and bloggers. In case you don't remember, this road map to fabulosity led you to: the legendary Fabulon, now reincarnated as Chateau Thombeau; midwestern glamour at Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights; the jet-setting splendor that is Savoir Faire; fashion and design served up with a side of va-va-va-voom at Stella's Roar; the notorious j*o*e*, whose hell is definitely not for children; beautification from Vintage a Go-Go; the fine Italian hand of Suffering Fools Badly; classy asses from SissyDude; the babe of the bayou, the Cajun cutie, the Louisiana hayride himself, Jason of Night is Half Gone; Infomaniac, run by our resident headmistress (or mistress of head), MJ; Mean Dirty Pirate, or Reflections of a Lot Lizard; the blessedly-restored Cafe Muscato; the sophisticated snark that is the one, the only, Mr. Peenee; a Lethal Dose of hairhopping mayhem; and Our Mr. Brooks over at An Open Book. A late addition to this honor roll was Poseidon's Underworld, which is the nicest thing one can read the morning after. Today, we add another clutch of marvelous blogs to the list, some of which you already know and love, and some of which may be new to you. There are many, many more to be found on our Links; we wish we had the time to pay tribute to you all. Rest assured, a place among our links means we endorse you wholeheartedly! And if there are any blogs you crazy kids know of that we have yet to discover, please pass them along to us. Have fun exploring, darlings!

Hooray for Hollywood

What can we tell you about Our Man on the West Coast, the darling FelixInHollywood, that most of you don't already know? We could tell you that he's witty and charming and fabulous, but that's old news. We could tell you that he has an ex-teen idol TV star as a BFF, but those of you who follow his blog (and if you don't, why don't you?) already know that, too! Did you also know that Felix hawks his wares? (No, not on Sunset after dark. Anymore.) You did? Well... all that's left to tell you is that Felix, a.k.a. Philip, is a sweetheart of a guy, a loyal supporter of SSUWAT, and one of our favorite people in the blogosphere. He also works a mean minidress and vinyl boots and has gorgeous hair - but you all knew that already, too, didn't you?

We'll Have a Blue Room

Not Wedgewood blue, or even Crawford blue - but Hilly Blue. If it's permanently 1962 here at SSUWAT, then it's permanently 1978 in the Blue Room - with the thump of 128 bpm and the scent of poppers and sweaty backroom sex hanging in the air. Trawling the fabulous archives of such period periodicals as After Dark and Viva, Hilly gives us a glimpse at the last gasp of true glamour, before the mid-1980's put the final nail in the coffin. It makes for fascinating, scintillating, and sometimes bittersweet reading, so put on your best vintage Halston, splash on some Charlie, and make sure you visit Hilly today. Tell him Bianca sent you.

Angie Baby

Her name is Angie, she was a showgirl; she's seen Lena Horne naked, observed Abbe Lane go braless, and is a treasure trove of lore and anecdotes about the entertainers she's known and worked with. We can only hope that she shares more of her show biz legacy with us over at her blog, Loves Mind Travel - most of Angela's utterly delightful remembrances of fabulosity past are from comments that she's left here on SSUWAT. But that also sums up the lady in a nutshell: she's one of the most generous and open-hearted people we've had the good fortune to meet via this medium, and not one to toot her own horn. So we'll do it for her!

That Continental Touch

Do you like your men dark-haired, sloe-eyed, and dangerously tailored? Do you admire women with huge, liquid eyes (and liquid eyeliner), cut-glass cheekbones, and insouciant style? So does our new friend Mike, of Movies! Music! Books!: Mike's Reviews and Comments. Like SSUWAT, Mike has a special fondness for that unique epoch in time that hovers around 1962, but with a distinctly European vibe. He also views and comments on more obscure movies that we'd love to see than practically anyone we know - we'd love to have a screening party with him! Mike's reviews and comments are perfect: detailed, but not overly verbose; and they entice you to seek out the film in question yourself, which is the highest compliment, we think, one can bestow upon someone writing about films that they enjoy. For the love of Mike, pay him a visit today.

Younger Than Springtime, and Twice as Exciting

Of course, Normadesmond hasn't been 52 since '52, but you people out there in the dark don't need to know that, do you? You've been writing her faithfully all these years, begging for her return to the screen. Instead, she's deigned to bestow upon you a blog: mitten drinnen. Her friends pop in for a game of bridge now and then: Abby and Ann; Lana and Andy; poor Susie had to be carried out after the last round. Stop in and say hello; but remember, don't be late. Madame doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Apocalypse Now

"I suppose you've heard all about Stephen - you know, the one who's hooked that silver foxy husband? I did his nails at his apartment the other day - it's like a reform school, those dogs of his are absolute gangsters! Don't soak yet. Don't you just love to read? How do they ever think up those plots? I read Post-Apocalyptic Bohemian everyday. That Stephen does all these interesting profiles of famous pansies - I mean, homosexuals. Soak it, please. I think he's one - Stephen, I mean. He's really a terrible man-trap; he's got those eyes that go up and down a man - like a searchlight. Jungle Red, I suppose? One coat or two?"

à deux

Finally, we'd like to shine the spotlight on two blogs from France: Obscure Object of Desire and soyons-suave. Bringing that uniquely Gallic élan and flair to much of the same ground that we cover here at SSUWAT, these blogs prove that glamour is, indeed, without borders or boundaries: it belongs to us all, if we only have the courage and style to seek it out. Vive la France!

Monday, July 12, 2010

While We Prepare a Fresh Batch of Fabulosity...

...take a gander at this bizarre little clip, featuring hunky bandleader Ray Anthony (the former Mr. Mamie Van Doren - and doesn't he look like a Vegas cross between Cary Grant and Vic Damone?) and his female sidekicks, The Bookends: Annita Ray and Diane Hall. Annita and Diane are shoehorned into the most wasp-waisted fishtail gowns we've ever seen; their hair is lacquered and spit-curled, yet; and they spend most of this hokey number practically giving Ray a massage which we almost expect to culminate in a happy ending. Adding to the weirdness are the "gag" reactions of a stunned, displeased audience. Oh, pre-sexual revolution America, wherefore art thou?

Incidentally, after their 26-week gig on syndicated television with Ray Anthony, Diane and Annita took a sharp left turn from lounge lizardettes to hep kittens, cutting a series of pop-rock singles for the Wand label, including the original version of "A Groovy Kind of Love." Who'd-a thunk?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Dreamed a Dream...

...which involved being shot at by machine gun-toting guerillas while dining out with Fanny Cradock; and Ann-Margret being pregnant with our child.

And yes, the latter scenario seems more bizarre to us, too.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting to Know You

Darlings, it was such fun getting to know you better - especially discovering some of you imps who peer from behind the curtains from time to time. You make us feel bright and breezy! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend - we'll see you next week.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are...

In addition to our fabulous regulars (or irregulars, if you like), we realize that there are quite a few SSUWAT readers who don't comment often, or at all. But now we call upon you to reveal yourselves in your full flower! We want the whole scoop, darlings: who you are, where you're from, what brought you here, what you'd like to see more of! Don't be shy - tell us everything!

Helping Hands

July 1, 1906 - April 24, 2004

July 1, 1916

Our birthday girls know the value of giving back, and helping the less beautiful.