Friday, February 25, 2011

Present Laughter

"If she had a neck, I would wring it." - Noel Coward on Claudette Colbert

Eat Your Heart Out

"Too thin is too thin, especially when you get older and all the veins show...Diana Ross looks like she just arrived from Ethopia." - Dame Judith Anderson

Grace Under Fire

"She couldn't act, she was arrogant, anti-Semitic, and alcoholic, and talk about social climbing!" - Anne Baxter on Grace Kelly

Easy to Be Hard

"Roz Russell is hard as nails...She came up the hard way, and it shows." - Ann Sheridan

Business as Usual

"Miss Dunaway is not a professional at all! She's always late and doesn't know her lines. No, she is impossible and everyone in the industry knows it." - Bette Davis

We'd Like to Propose a Toast

"She was drunk. She showed up at ten o'clock in the morning for the first read-through, and she was bombed. She was drinking straight vodka from this silver flask, and she was drinking it in front of the kids. She was saying all the words, but it was like she was a robot. About lunchtime, Joan passed out cold, and that did it. As soon as she woke up, I fired her." - Lucille Ball on Joan Crawford

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Battle of the Bulges

"In comes Lollobrigida, in August, with a copy Chanel suit. Black. Wool. And boots. In August. And lots of jewels. I always call her a Christmas tree." - Anita Ekberg

Blonde Ambition

"She's a legend in her own mind." - Jayne Mansfield on Mae West

Tale as Old as Time

"All the energies that used to go towards her husbands now go into preserving her own legend." - Ava Gardner on Lana Turner

The Lady in Question

"Miss Wyman looks like a mystery nobody has bothered to solve." - Marlene Dietrich

Face Value

"Her face was her talent, and when it dropped, so did her career -- right out of sight!" - Bette Davis on Constance Bennett

Dark Ladies

"And people have the nerve to call me a bitch...!" - Joan Crawford on Lucille Ball