Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wah, Wah, Wah, Dolly

"I was looking out the window on the 18th floor of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel [in Toronto] . . . I thought, just one more move . . . and this terrible pain will stop, this pain of losing it for all time, they're all forgotten performances, it will stop, the moment that I hit, hit jumping out the window. That's exactly what I wanted to do." - Carol Channing, on contemplating suicide after Barbra Streisand was chosen for the film version of Hello, Dolly


  1. carol could've jumped and it wouldn't have
    been as startling as mrs. brolin's armpits.

  2. She made a brilliant musical into a crap film anyway.


    PS Apart from the armpits, MegaBabs bears a striking remsemblance to Amy Winehouse in this pic... Jx

  3. Thank God dear sweet Carol didn't do it. One day one can only hope, she will exact her revenge by starring in an all gentile Yentl.

  4. I didn't recognize Carol without her teeth showing.

  5. I had not noticed the pits. I wish things had stayed that way.

    Shots of Carol before she became "Carol Channing" are always unnerving.

    I saw her last revival of Dolly in 1995, and it was heaven, but I don't think she could have made a success of it on film. Of all the B'way Dollies, actually, the only one I see carrying it off would have been Pearl Bailey. Irene Malloy could have been a fun Leslie Uggams part...

  6. Someone didn't go to the beauty parlor...I mean thos armpits looks ugly!