Thursday, December 18, 2014

Arrivederci, Virna

November 8, 1936 - December 18, 2014


  1. Oh goodness!! I hadn't heard this yet. So beautiful and glamorous, in her native tongue a fine actress and a welcome presence in any language. Those are wonderful pictures to remember her by.

  2. Oh, no! This is the first I saw of this. May she rest in peace. I believe the only movie I ever saw her in was "How to Murder Your Wife." She was one of those women who were so beautiful they did not look real.

  3. She was a stunning beauty but always in the shadow of Sophia, Claudia, Gina, Monica in the hierarchy of Italian actresses. I like her in a lot of Italian films, she was marvellous in Queen Margot.

  4. ohhh the first I heard about this as well. An absolutely stunning and sensual woman who aged beautifully and realistically - she WAS terrific in Queen Margot. Thanks for posting, baby!

  5. If any of you are on Facebook, be sure to also check out the official SSUWAT page. I'll be posting dozens of other Virna photos and posters throughout the day.

  6. Without a doubt, the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Wow.


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