Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The First Noël

Only one person makes us want to pick up the habit of smoking, and believe it or not, it's not Bette Davis.

Sir Noël Coward
December 16, 1899 - March 26, 1973

He was the lifelong friend of, and found muses in, the likes of Gertrude Lawrence and Marlene Dietrich; he wrote some of the most scintillating, witty plays of the 20th century; he was described as having complete disdain for the modern gay scene; and he capped his career by co-starring in the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton/Tennessee Williams fiasco, Boom! (1968). Basically, we want to be Sir Noël Coward. Or at least have his wardrobe. And accessories.


  1. He looks quite handsome in that last shot. Who knew? I'd only seen later pics of him.

  2. Yes, he had disdain for the modern gay scene, perhaps, but was nonetheless "queer as a coot" by his own definition! His first biographers convey a sort of sexual reticence, whereas in more recent times he comes off as an ol' horndog. Nun or libertine~ what does it matter? There are the plays, the songs, the stories, and above all the silk dressing gowns. Happy Birthday, NC.

  3. Poseidon3 -- That's EXACTLY what I thought! Which doesn't surprise me.

    Toby -- Apparently, he had a distaste for "penetrative sex." Which, after you finish grimacing, sort of makes sense. I mean, you can't REALLY picture Sir Noel with his ankles behind his ears, can you?

    Or maybe you can.

    Donna -- We need to start a petition for a DVD release. Now.

  4. Well, you do have the disdain down.