Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miss Susan Hayward

We loved her as a Back Street broad... a Woman Obsessed...

...but most of all, as "a barracuda!!!"


  1. She gets extra-credit points for working with both John Gavin and Stephen Boyd. Gorgeousness!

  2. Thombeau, I thought the same thing! The cruelist cut of Back Street is that it places John Gavin in a teeny snug swimsuit and then doesn't let us seem him properly. (Straight director? lol) And let's not forget the gloriously shrewy Vera Miles as John's vindictive wife!

  3. Ah, Backstreet! One of cinema's all time guilty pleasures.

  4. Thombeau -- Now, that's a sandwich I'd be a part of. (Boyd & Gavin, that is; not Susie and...)

    Poseidon3 -- Vera Miles is a HOOT in BS! And don't you love the scene where Susie is wearing a lavender chiffon gown which matches her dining room drapes perfectly?

    Toby -- I pray and pray for a DVD remaster...

  5. I do love the way Ross Hunter was so hell bent on movies looking much more fantastic than life that he matched clothes to the decor!

    Vera's appearance at Susan's fashion show/charity auction is one of the highlights of my LIFE. And I always forget, probably due to the color/b&w thing and to Vera's versatility, that Vera and John had just starred together in "Psycho" right before this! It's an entirely different dynamic between the two.