Thursday, December 18, 2008


Did the camera ever love a face and form as much as it adored Guy Madison?

Simultaneously boy-next-door appealing and unattainably gorgeous, Madison's almost otherworldly beauty gave even the most banal studio beefcake shots the aura of great Renaissance art. What Michaelangelo would have done to his body!

As the above scene from Gunmen of the Rio Grande (1965) neatly demonstrates, even in maturity, the god-like Mr. Madison sidestepped the usual fate of the Pretty Face: instead of deteriorating, he developed into a buff daddy for the ages.

Unsung among heroes, we hereby nominate Guy Madison as The Perfect Male Specimen of All Time. We salute you, sir.


  1. Beautiful! (And reportedly gay.... Something about him and Rory Calhoun, was it, in the back of a limo?)

  2. Purportedly according to "The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson" By Robert Hofler.

  3. I could purrrrrrr in those arms!

  4. Oh, ilduce, say it isn't so! The fantasy is so much better if he were straight. LOL.

  5. Well, he did breed. Does bi count?

  6. a handsome man! he's in a great film,"till the end of time." so cute in it...


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