Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beat It

Mean Dirty Pirate's brilliant Teen Beat post got us thinking about 70's teen idols; frankly, most of them were just too damn skinny and girly for our sturdier tastes: we mean, Shaun Cassidy was sweet and all, and looked as if he'd give you great tips for keeping your hair well-conditioned and bouncy, but we wouldn't want to bounce it, if y'know what we mean. Every now and then, however, a slightly sexier, more dangerous specimen found their way into the pages of Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, 16, and their ilk. Donny Osmond and Tony DeFranco would probably bring flowers and then help your mom clean up after dinner; Greg Evigan looks as if he would be bring pot, and Brett Hudson would probably feel your mom up after dinner. Vive la différence!


  1. i liked parker stevenson and the hudson brothers...

  2. And let's not forget, Kirstie Alley thanked Parker publicly for slipping her "The Big One"!

  3. Mrs. Greg Evigan said...

    Thanks for the shout out TJB. Would you happen to have Brett's or Leaf’s phone numbers? My regular dealer is out of town and I really need to score some ludes and a lid. Thanks Doll.


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