Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sparkle, Vonda, Sparkle!

Due to the overwhelming response (thank you, Donna Lethal!), we have spared no expense in bringing you more Vonda Kay Van Dyke. Not only was she a Miss America, but she also recorded a Christian pop album (shades of Anita Bryant), and, along with every third female fringe celebrity of the 1960's, penned a self-help beauty and poise guide, in which she advised her readers to strive for "that inner sparkle that only Christ can give."

Incidentally, Ms. Van Dyke was also "an actress, a ventriloquist, a public speaker, [and] a licensed pilot" (thank you, The Anicent Star Song)! One imagines that she wiped the floor with the other contestants during the talent competition.


  1. Hey, who's the dummy with Vonda?

  2. Honestly, it looks like Jim Bakker to me...