Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love Them Long Time

We love, honor, and worship at the shrines of Miss Teal Joy, Pat "Miss Pony Tail" Suzuki, and Miyoshi Umeki; but with all due respect, were there any more fantabulous Asian divas than The Kim Sisters?

We didn't think so.


  1. In the shot of them with the three guitars and the champagne colored dresses, suddenly the song "Neutron Dance" popped into my head! Remember the three old broads who did an acoustic version of that while dressed in gold lame' who guested on an ep of "The Golden Girls?" I hate you for making it come to mind! lol

  2. Tee hee! The fabulous Del Rubio Triplets are the three good time gals to whom you refer; sadly, I think all but one are deceased now.

  3. The are CLEARLY an homage to them!