Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last Night...

...we had a bizarre dream about Random House publisher/What's My Line? pundit and punster Bennett Cerf.

Who, in his youth, wasn't at all bad looking, in a nerdy-cute way. Add him to our growing gallery of geek-chic crushes from the 1950's:

What to do with a mile of hot dogs, indeed. Bill, you're just a tease!


  1. Were you riding the wild Cerf? Listen, I'm right there with you -- I have George Fenniman and Wally Cox and have always been a big fan of Mr. Cerf!

  2. Wally doesn't do it for me, although there's something weirdly sexual about the name "Mr. Peepers." Or maybe I'm just perverse.

  3. Well, you are ... but there is. Does that make sense? And my dearest galpal Mavis has a thing for RQL.


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